Five tips for taking over-the-counter medicines safely

Over-the-counter medications are very accessible, but they have risks. Like prescription drugs, Over-the-counter drugs can have severe and threatening side effects like allergies and acute renal injuries. Here are the most crucial safety tips you need to take care of when taking over-the-counter drugs.

Reading the label

Ensure you check the name of the drug, expiration date and find out if it’s meant to treat your symptoms. If not, you should not take the medication.

Ensure you follow instructions

The labels have instructions on how to take OTC drugs. Be sure to follow the given instructions. If the instructions state that the drug should be taken with food or without, please follow as these will eliminate the risk of treatment failure or adverse effects.

Keep your doctor informed

Your primary healthcare provider should know any drugs you are taking, whether diet pills, herbals, or OTC. You must share your list of medicines during your visit. If you are using a prescription drug, consult your doctor before taking the OTC since the drug can react and cause adverse effects.

Be careful when taking more than one drug

Some over-the-counter medications contain active ingredients; thus, if you take more than one drug, you may end up taking too much of the active ingredient. It is prudent you read the ingredients list of your drugs and compare them with each other.

Don’t use spoons to take medicines

A tablespoon may not measure exact drug volumes; thus, you may end up under or overdosing yourself. When using OTC drugs to treat children, you should use a medicine dropper or syringe to get the appropriate dose. Avoid grabbing kitchen spoons that have a variable size, therefore a risk of under or overdosing.

With all these tips in mind, you will use all the over-the-counter drugs without problems, but you are not guaranteed the best outcomes with ignorance.

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